A professional podcast relies on 2 main ingredients: Compelling content and high-quality sound. You have the first – let us provide the second.

Podcast In the City

The Co.Lab Podcast studio is located in the heart of Perth City at 125 Murray St, and offers content creators a soundproof room, professional equipment and in-house technicians to ensure your podcast has the perfect sound to be delivered to your global audience.

The Co.Lab Podcast studio is the perfect location to bring your interviewees and guests. Whilst the vibe is relaxed, we take the production and output very seriously. We aren’t happy unless you are.

Our team will ensure your recording and experience is seamless and enjoyable.

View of city and sky over balcony

The Podcast Co.Lab room includes;

  • 4 Studio Quality Dynamic Mics on adjustable boom arms with shock mounts
  • 4 channel digital mixer/interface with PC, Bluetooth and Audio links
  • 4 PreSonus open back monitoring headphones
  • Discreet and Stereo output functionality
  • Audio processing capabilities and pre-sets
  • Laptop preloaded with audio editing software for use or bring your own
  • 6 seats and spacious podcast table
  • Video Recording capabilities on own phone or camera
  • Acoustically treated room
  • Contoured desk
  • Easily accessible inputs and outputs
  • On-site technical support and demonstration
close up of a microphone in recording studio

Its time to take your podcast seriously and have the quality and experience match your content.

Come try it for yourself and take your podcast to the next level.

Booked by the hour, the Podcast Room is available Monday to Friday and includes coffee, tea and all amenities required. Please email info@blueskycolab.com.au to book a tour and lock in your spot.